ASk sent to a USA SENATOR!

(USA)Senator Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Please, help me! I Am victim of Human right violation :

The people against the Flight Safety are trying to kill me and my family, but I never will give up to protect the people that are flying around the world, in Brazil, in the USA.

I Am a Christian and I have a lot of afraid of our God, so, I prefer die than did not do What i need to do to save lives around the World, but, if you can help me top save lives, help me please!

I need you help!

The USA Innocent people need your help.

I do not work, like the Farm Vice President Al Gore show to everybody in his Documentary Inconvenient True, I Already was punished in Public Square to make me stop to tell to everybody about the True Cause of TAM Air Crash, Air France Air Crash, how we can do to avoid to get a Air Crash like the US Air that Ditching on the River in NY, and Now I Discovered the True Cause of the Crash of AA 587.

Senator Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx, you have the same age than my mother, and I believe that you want to protect your Country National Security, so, Help me to Protect people around the world like your fellow citizen, help me to protect the citizen of my Country Brazil.

My official mail box is unsafely, the Brazilian Government is avoid that I receive Call from not to know phone number, the same thing are happing with all my communication, they are doing everything to isolate-me!

I believe in a Capitalist world, were the people that work better and more, get more money without comet any Crime against the human right. I do not believe in Corruption and the most of the people believe in this Capitalist World too !

Please, again, Help me.

My wife is a Federal Public Staff and we are living with her salary, but they are trying to make her lost her Job

They do not allow me to get a job even to get my human right to get a Justice.

The Lawyers are prohibit to work for me!

The human right Ongs do not do anything for me!

This is my live and the live of my family due to I am protecting a lot of people around the world!

I do not need Money, I Just need Justice!

But, God is Protecting me, I Am very happy due it!

Thank you for be my follower in the twitter.

God Bless you and your family!

I Will waiting for your help!

Roberto Milán


One Response to “ASk sent to a USA SENATOR!”

  1. Roberto Milán July 3, 2012 at 1:44 am #

    Facebook is taking out my publications from my wall, was first; AA Flight 587! The “LARGEST SABOTAGE” in the History of the Civil Aviation World!
    After this was, O Paralelo e seus Pilares (The Parallel Empire PILARES).http :/ / and if you put my name Roberto Milán, inde Facebook search you will not find my page on Facebook.
    Facebook defends the interests of the Empire Parallel.
    Note the document sent to the Senator of USA.
    Google does this sort of thing.
    Google does not work for the Empire as the Parallel Facebook!
    Roberto Milan

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